Collaborative Divorce Can Support Co-Parenting and Save You Money

Lynchburg Collaborative Divorce Law Attorney Marcy Jones can help you make the right decisions in considering collaborative divorce.  This is a description of collaborative divorce from her book, Graceful Divorce Solutions.

Collaborative Divorce is the newest form of divorce dispute resolution. Despite the efforts of enthusiastic lawyers who now practice collaborative divorce, many people have still not heard of this process. It’s different from mediation in that each client has his or her own lawyer in the room as personal advisor and advocate. In mediation, the mediator’s job is to help you reach an agreement, but he or she may not give legal advice or advocate for either side. The collaborative lawyer may do both.

M. Marcy Jones J.D.. Graceful Divorce Solutions: A Comprehensive and Proactive Guide to Saving You Time, Money, and Your Sanity


Collaborative divorce can help you preserve the relationships you'll need for good co-parenting, and it can save you money too. The decisions you make early on in the divorce process will have a huge impact on you and your children for years to come, perhaps the rest of your life.

Make those decisions with that long-term view in mind and talk with Attorney Marcy Jones to see if a collaborative divorce or some other form of divorce is best for your situation.

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